Jun 25, 2015
Mayor Cllr Roger Knight

Mayor’s Week: 18 – 25 June 2015

The “Big Sing 2015″ held at the Worcester Arena on Tuesday 16th June was a brilliantly organised extravaganza of one thousand primary school pupils, so eager and enthused by the opportunity to participate in this festival of song.  It was a lovely experience and heart warming to see so many children from a variety of schools singing with actions in complete unison.  I take my hat off to the organisers; the children thoroughly enjoyed it as did all those watching.  I said a thousand children, but really it was two thousand as I attended the second afternoon session which followed a similar event in the morning!

St Barnabas School staged their Junior Youth Speaks event with both poetry and story.  There were six finalists in each competition, two from each year, and together with the Rotary Club, we had the very difficult job of judging their performances.  I thought the best overall performance was delivered by a young lady who had spent her early life in Brazil and, at home, the family language was Portuguese.  Despite English being her second language she delivered her story, on the theme of “The Place She Most Wanted to Go”, in the most engaging way with excellent use of English, as well as expression and delivery.

Also on the same day my wife and I attended a Summer Fete in Latimer Court Residential Care Home.  Wwe were both struck by the good design of the building, the central garden area and the vegetable/herb garden.  The rooms were of the highest standard, beautifully fitted out and the premises staffed by a team of very committed and dedicated people.  An excellent facility enjoyed by the residents, who are very well looked after.

The third event on this same day, Friday 19th June, was a delight as we had the honour of opening the Thai Massage Parlour, Gems, in their new location at the Trinity.  A family business that deserves to succeed, several of their current clients explained to me just how different and effective the treatment is and they seemed to have quite a few long term supporters who sang their praises.

The 3rd Worcester Scouts held their open day and AGM on Saturday 20th at their head quarters in Vicar Street.  Thanks to the successful application for a Lottery Grant, they have made some tremendous improvements including a new kitchen, BBQ area and an office which also serves as a well appointed Radio Amateur base.

Jun 18, 2015
Mayor Cllr Roger Knight

Mayor’s Week: 11 – 18 June 2015

Sunday was a big day with the LiberTea celebration of the 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta, followed by the Mayor’s Inaugural Civic Service in the Cathedral. We were so lucky with the weather – no rain, and believe me that really is a blessing when one has to wear the robes of a Councillor, they are heavy when they’re dry and when wet, they are a nightmare! This year there were no such worries; we processed in glorious sun shine!

civic service-27

Turnout was good and the “Chain Gang” were very well represented, the Cathedral was full and the Dean’s sermon was engaging and, as always, so well delivered. On returning to the Guildhall there was tea, coffee and light bites not to mention the barrel of Hook Norton Ale kindly donated by Ted Marshall, landlord of the Cap ‘n Gown pub in the Upper Tything, to help lubricate the Magna Carta celebrations.

A number of organisations and businesses had their official opening in the last week or so, among them were Engage Life, based in Britannia Road; Signature Care Services in St John’s and on a somewhat different note, Subway on the corner of Friar Street. Amazingly Subway celebrated their opening with a six foot long sandwich, which they photographed from all angles and then cut up to give away to people who were lucky enough to be passing by!

The Committee led by Cllr. Joy Squires, as Chairman, deserve to be congratulated for producing the first Worcester Canal Festival on Saturday 13th June, at Lansdowne Park. Supported by a great number of local people and the Canal and River Trust, (CRT), they delivered a superb day’s entertainment despite being hit by very unfortunate weather. The day however, was excellent and I was delighted to see that CRT had commissioned a work boat, to be crewed by volunteers. It is designed to help maintain the waterside, both ensuring it is litter and graffiti free, as well as keeping the shrubbery under control. This is something I campaigned for back when I was the Cabinet Member for a Cleaner and Greener City.

I hope you made it to the Royal Three Counties Show, if you did, I’m sure you will agree it was worth the effort and if you attended on the Friday, like me, you were very lucky with the weather.

Jun 11, 2015
Mayor Cllr Roger Knight

Mayor’s Week: 4 – 11 June 2015

Has Worcester got talent?  Well from what I’ve seen in recent weeks, we certainly have!  Saturday saw the Showcase Performance of The Harlequin Stage School; some 80 dancers enchanted an enthusiastic audience at the Tudor Grange Academy ahead of their visit to Rumania for the World Championships.  It was a delight to watch Team Worcester perform all their routines step perfect, how they all remember what to do next is beyond me – and it was perfectly executed across all age groups.  I wish them well in the forthcoming Dance World Cup, they deserve every success!


Talent is apparent across many activities here in Worcester, this was also demonstrated by the work exhibited in the Digital Photography Exhibition held in the Commandery.  Brian Bullock introduced me to the exhibitors who, following course work at the Shrub Hill Workshop centre which provides help, support and skill development for those recovering from mental health issues, (www.hacw.nhs.uk) displayed their work very well and showed some beautifully captured shots and images.

Also on the note of mental health, the launch of “Engage Life” took place on Monday 8th June, a charitable organisation that seeks to, “Empower adults with mental health issues, by providing a variety of activities that enable them to realise their full potential.”  Whilst talking to their Chief Officer, Penny in their offices at 19 Britannia Road, I was astonished to learn that, for the year ending 2015, in South Worcestershire alone there were estimated to be over 25,000 people with mental health disorders.  I wish Penny and her Team every success in their efforts to support those in need.

Worcester District Scout Council held its AGM this week and reported another great year of achievement with numbers growing still further. A real success story!  There are over 1,000 youngsters involved across a wide range of interesting and educational activities – not least being that of Leadership and life skills.  Four Chief Scouts were presented with long service awards, two for 15 years and two for 25 years. Apart from all the other good news I am delighted that my granddaughter Rachel will be going to Japan in June as a member of the Team representing Worcester and Herefordshire at the International Scouting Jamboree – and her brother, Tom, will be going to Iceland around the same time, as a young leader with Worcester District Scouts.

Friday saw the opening of the Three Counties Show, always a great event and one well worthwhile visiting. The first Show took place in Broad Street Hereford in 1797, since then the 3 Counties have come together to stage an Agricultural Show on 218 occasions.   “The Show” was granted Royal Title in 2013 and The Princess Royal became Patron of ‘The Show’ in 2014

Make the effort, don’t miss it!!

Jun 5, 2015
Mayor Cllr Roger Knight

Mayor’s Week: 28 May – 4 June 2015

It was a delight to be at the Swan Theatre to celebrate the 50th year; their Gala night on Sunday 17th May was followed by an open day at the Swan on Saturday 30th May. Both were lovely occasions and a credit to Chris Jaeger without whom we would not be enjoying Huntingdon Hall, Shakespeare at the Commandery and the Cathedral, of course not forgetting the Swan theatre complex itself. I think we owe Chris and his Team a debt of gratitude. Thank you Chris!

The Splash Pad saw its fifth anniversary and on a somewhat chilly morning, Tuesday 26th May, my wife and I recorded the anniversary with some press photos. However on arrival we were the only ones there, as I said it was chilly and not ideal water fun weather, but just as the photographers unpacked their kit, two families arrived from Malvern for a little “Splash Pad” fun. I have to say the children, Martha, Sylvie & Joe, are much hardier than I, as despite the cold, they loved it!!


This facility has become a West Midlands destination – during its first full year of operation some 750,000 visitors passed through the gates of the park and I gather numbers have now risen to 850,000. A huge figure for any park, but for one so small it is a real success story!

Sir Robert Worcester KBE, DL is the founder of MORI. A member and contributor to many voluntary organisations, he visited Worcester this week to give a lecture in the Cathedral on Magna Carta. Sir Robert has both American and British nationality, a charming man who holds more prodigious positions and roles than there is room to list in this column.

We had the pleasure of showing him around the Guildhall and talking through some of the history of Worcester. He was very interested in Fort Royal and the visit by John Adams and Thomas Jefferson in 1786 and expressed a keenness to see the proposed bronze, commemorating the occasion, erected on the site of the original fort.

As you may know; Adams wrote at the time, “Englishmen so soon forget the ground where liberty was fought for? Tell your neighbours and your children that this is holy ground; much holier than that on which your churches stand. All England should come in pilgrimage to this hill once a year”.



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